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helping carers sustain their love and energy
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helping carers sustain their love and energy



Anyone who is caring for a loved one who is dying learns a lot about how to care. What is challenging is sustaining energy and resilience throughout the caring journey so people can give the best possible care to their loved ones.

Coach4care helps carers through coaching to reflect on their situation and take action to improve their well-being and the well-being of those they care for.

We believe that carers know their situation best and that they will learn best from drawing on their own experience rather than being given advice. They also have the best chance of coming up with solutions that will work for them, and our coaches are there to help unlock the answers within them.

Coach4care believes that experienced carers are best placed to support people who are caring for a
dying person because they truly understand what it is like. We train ex-carers as coaches and
help them to develop their expertise. The coaches receive recognised training so that they are able
to use their previous experience and their new skills in a rewarding and meaningful way. Ex-carer
coaches take a specific interest in carers and help them to improve their resilience and wellbeing by
developing positive coping strategies.




Do you provide care for someone you love? 

"Coach4care helped me find more love and energy to give to my wife" 

Have you provided care for someone in the past and would like to help other carers?

"I joined Coach4care because by helping others, I can help myself

Would you be interested in setting up Coach4care?

"I set up Coach4care because I want to help carers support each other"