Coach4care helps you through coaching to help you reflect on your situation and take action to improve your well-being and the well-being of those you care for. Sustaining energy and resilience throughout the caring journey can be challenging and Coach4care can help you provide the best possible care to your loved one.

How can it help?

Coaching provides a structured conversation that helps you to reflect on your life and make positive changes. It can help you to have space and time to think and reflect on your situation. The difficulties you face are often subtle and it isn’t easy to identify goals and actions, so coaching can you to explore your situation in depth, help you develop new ideas and try out new solutions. A coach doesn’t give advice but asks people questions so that them come up with solutions themselves.

To get a better understanding of how the Coach4care model works you can view what a journey through the service looks like below:


The double diamond coaching model

The Double Diamond Coaching Model is a new coaching tool created with the help of coaches and carers, for carers. It is based on the Double Diamond, a process for innovation created by the Design Council. The reason why this process was chosen as a basis for a coaching tool for Coach4care is because it helps to:

  • Explore your lived experience Provide care with warmth and love
  • Manage the balance between the stress of caring and your capacity to cope by building resilience and well being
  • Continue previous activities, sustain hope, keep control, and experience satisfaction in your role
  • Help you to obtain the practical, medical, emotional and information related support to decrease your vulnerability and protect against fatigue and burnout

There is a copy of this model for both you and your coach. In the sessions the coach and carer can have the booklets open on the table and work through the questions together. It also outlines a list of tools that you can use in your own time, if you feel they might help. A digital and printable version of the model can be downloaded below.

How to (1).jpg

Additional resources

We know that carers provide the majority of care and that professionals need to be there to support carers on their journey. We also know that professionals try hard to provide the best care possible but sometimes their busy schedules and stressful jobs can make this difficult. For this reason we have worked with professionals to co-created some tools that carers can use to get the best out of health professionals.

How serious is it

It is sometimes hard to understand how severe a person’s condition is. Professionals do not share this explicitly as they worry that they might share more than the patient can currently cope this. This tool can be used to help you get the answers you want to hear but can also make sure you don’t hear them before you are ready.

Carer passport

This tool can be used to help professionals get a better idea about you and your loved one. You can take this to any hospital, doctor’s appointment or meeting with any other health professionals.

I don’t feel heard

You can use this tool when you don’t feel a professional is listening to you.

Making the most out of time with professionals

 You can use this tool when having a conversation with professionals. Sometimes we need to know what we are allowed to ask and what we can ask to get the answers we need.